Ad Explorer

Get data about what ads your competitor’s have on what keyword, along with PPC metrics.

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SEO Consultants

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In-house teams

Excel at your keyword position

Ad Discovery

Discover ads on your targeted keywords, Fetch PPC ads from 215 locations, country wise.

PPC & SEO Metrics

You will get complete PPC & SEO Metrics with search volume, CPC and PPC difficulty of the keywords.


Shows Ad placement for your keyword, so you can track PPC campaigns competing on your targeted keywords.

Find who bids what?

Speed up the ability to discover PPC ads on your keyword

What’s More to See?

Track Ads

Ad explorer helps you track your competitors who are running their PPC campaigns on your targeted keywords, so you know your next steps.

Evaluate PPC Keyword

Easy evaluation of your keyword, with metrics like search volume, PPC difficulty & CPC, Which helps you to know how far the competition is.

Amplify Your Existence On SERPs By Tracking Your Keywords And Win SERP Features With Brand Overflow.