Backlink Monitor

Add a link and watch as the tool informs you of its current status, with other interesting metrics.

Who is it for?




SEO Consultants

SEO Content Writers

Digital Marketers



In-house teams

Bring Thunder to your Domains

Backlink Profile

Maintain a backlink profile for the last 30 days, which has all the SEO metrics, naming a few; DM, IM, & other html tags.

Daily Logs

With Each project created with as many links that you add, you get daily logs, with information about crawled backlinks by the google bot.

Backlink Metrics

For backlink analysis, check for the backlinks, whether they still exist or not, & other metrics like BM, IM, OBL, DA, & TF.

Keep tabs on your Backlinks

Bring hail to your domain by monitoring your backlinks and taking notable actions when needed.

Where the magic lies?

Track Backlinks

Backlink monitor helps you track your and your competitor’s backlinks, so you know who is getting domain authority, how much, & from where. With accurate metrics data, you can make informed decisions.

Compare Competitor

Backlink Monitor helps you compare the backlink profile of your and your competitor’s. It gives you the information you need to stay ahead of your competition. It has all the data about the quality of the backlink and on which anchor does it exist on your competitor’s content.

Maintain Backlink Profile

Keeping an eye on your backlinks and their statuses is a task to do, which could take up a lot of your time, and it’s hard to perform it manually, that’s why with Backlink Monitor tool you get a complete log from which you can look at what’s happening with your backlinks

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