Backlink Monitor

Backlink monitor reduces the hurdle of manually verifying if the backlink still exists or not. All you need to do is add a link and let the tool handle the rest for you. The feature is enriched with metrics of Domain Mentions, Backlink, Image Mentions and Outbound Link for every link you upload.

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Backlink Monitor helps you with great contentment of perks, with daily link updates, whole backlink profile data and insightful data.

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Daily Logs

With Each project created with many links that you add, you get daily logs, with information about crawled backlinks by the google bot.

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In-Depth Insights

The daily logs contain insightful data, such as domain mentions, image mention with HTML link tags; href, tag, class, rel, from the last one month.

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Backlink Profile

You will get detailed information about the number of backlinks of your page with their current status.

7 day trial. Cancel anytime.

How it works?

Allows you to track links associated with your website, daily updates whether your backlink is still up or not.

7 day , cancel anytime

Pro Features

Every Brand Overflow subscription comes with the following PRO features with respective (usage limit applied).

  • Daily Ranking Updates

  • Unlimited Tracked Domains

  • Search Volume and metrics

  • Dynamic Shareable Reports

  • PDF Reports

  • Map Pack support

  • 1 Million+ Trackable Locations

  • Access to SEO Tools

  • PPC Inteligence

  • Bulk add keywords

  • Detailed SERP Features

  • integration

  • Immediate Rank Crawling

  • Unlimited Additional Users

  • Powerful ranking data filters

  • Daily Email Updates

  • Real time data

  • 24/7 Email & Live Chat Support

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