List of Popular User-Agents (Crawlers):

In this blog, we will talk about what user agents are and how they work. We will also look at a list of popular user agents and what they do.

This list will make your life much easier.

What are User-Agents?

Any software acting on behalf of a user that retrieves, renders and facilitates end-user interaction with web content is considered a "user agent crawler."

Purpose of User-Agent:

Web servers identify any crawler by identifying the User-Agent request header in an HTTP request.

I have listed a few common user-agents below, as well as their associations.

Google Bot

It is one of the most popular crawler among others, It is used to index content for google search engine.

User-agent: Googlebot

Bing Bot

Bingbot is a notorious web crawler that was deployed by Microsoft in 2010 to supply information for their Bing search engine. It performs the same function as Googlebot.

User-agent: Bingbot

Slurp Bot

Yahoo Search results are powered by Yahoo’s web crawler Slurp and Bing’s web crawler, as a lot of Yahoo is now powered by Bing.

Additionally, Slurp does the following:

  • Collects content from partners for inclusion within the Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports sites.
  • The Yahoo team accesses pages from sites across the Web to improve their personalized content with accuracy.

User-agent: Slurp

Duck Duck Bot

DuckDuckBot is the clever Web crawler for DuckDuckGo, a search engine that has become quite popular lately as it is known for privacy. It now handles over 90 million queries per day. DuckDuckGo gets its results from more than 400 sources including niche Instant Answers found on hundreds of vertical sites like Wikipedia or crowd-sourced information websites such as Quora amongst many others. They also have more traditional links in their search results sourced from Yahoo!, Yandex and Bing

User-agent: DuckDuckBot

Facebook Bot

Facebot is a genius robot that helps improve advertising performance. Facebot scrapes the internet for information and posts it on Facebook to help us all enjoy our lives more!

User-agent: facebot

Twitter Bot:

A Twitter bot is a type of bot software that controls a Twitter account via the Twitter API. The bot software may autonomously perform actions such as tweeting, re-tweeting, liking, following, unfollowing, or directly messaging other accounts.

User-agent: Twitterbot

Alexa Crawler

Alexa is the web crawler for Amazon's Alexa internet rankings, and it collects information to show both local and international site rankings.

User-agent: ia_archiver

Google Bot Images

It is used to index Images for google search engine.

User-agent: Googlebot-Image

Google Bot News

It is used to index news for google search engine.

User-agent: Googlebot-News

Google Bot Videos

It is used to index videos for google search engine.

User-agent: Googlebot-Videos


APIs are a type of computer program, used by Google APIs to deliver push notification messages. Google's APIs are used by software developers who want notifications from Google. They use this instead of always checking for updates on Google's servers, which is time-consuming and can be stressful.

User-agent: APIs-Google


The Google AdSense crawler visits your site to determine its content in order to provide relevant ads.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

AdsBot Mobile Web Android:

It checks desktops, android phones, and IPhone's web pages and its quality

User-agent: AdsBot-Google-Mobile

Web Lights

To help ensure pages load fast, web lights crawlers now convert web pages to a lighter version for slow mobile clients. This saves data and makes the site faster.

User-agent: googleweblight


There are many, varied website crawling programs out there, but hopefully this article has illustrated a few of the more well-known ones.

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