Company Who We Are & How We Started.

I'm, Ahmed Qureshi 👋

My name is Ahmed Qureshi, I'm the founder and creator of Brand Overflow. You can always find me on Facebook or LinkedIN and most of the time through live chat on this platform! I've been a software architect as well as a growth hacking consultant for some big companies in the last 8 years where I've worked on some very big data related projects. This is my very first debut as a Founder.

Who Are We?

Brand Overflow is a multinational company, striving for excellence in SEO for other businesses. It was founded in september 2019. Our main aim is to bring all the SEO tools under one umbrella. We have made a got-to SEO tool for the people who want to outshine the competition. A very easy to use and easy to understand, insightful data comprehensive tool made for everyone. Our motto is “Together we reach the goal”🎯

The Start 🤯

I had quit my job and had enough saved up to survive for 3 months exactly, in this time I had to create, test, launch and monetize my idea. The creation part was easy, as for testing I asked the awesome reddit community to join up and help me test the platform out. The platform got 1000+ beta users instantly, that help me to improve the platform to this very day. (Thank you guys so much!)

Legal Stuff 🥱

Brand Overflow was first registered in the UK, later on as we gained traction and wanted to have the option to move the entire operation to California, it was registered in the US as well, which will be the registeration that we will move forward with!

The First LTD 🥳

I listed the first lifetime deal for this business with stacksocial, in order to raise money so that I'm able to hire a team and grow it even more.

Brand Overflow on Stack Social

We got covered by some awesome blogs and discovered by some great people that to this day help me make the platform better! (Thank you guys!!). Even through the COVID crisis we made it through and with just enough funds to start a team (July 2020) and sustainability for the next year!

The First Interview 😳

After hitting 4000 active users on the platform, I got reached out by a local news reporter that wanted to interview me. I started with nothing and I worked hard and focused my efforts totally on what my users wanted from the platform...This interview was a huge milestone in my life.

Ahmed Qureshi in Dawn

The main reason why I got this far is because the users that decided to give my platform a chance, got involved. They shared so much feedback and helped me get to this point where I'm able to hire a team and scale the business.

Our Team

We are a happy little family of people that love their craft.

Ahmed Qureshi

Founder , CEO

Osama Khan

Growth Strategist

Umair Ul Haq

Visual Designer

Usman Ghani

Frontend Developer

Sidra Jafri

Jr. Brand Strategist