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Get top level sugestions for seed keyword, and then get more suggestions for top level keywords.

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Seed Keyword’s Insight

Get Search Volume, SV history over 12 months, Current CPC, and PPC competition for your seed keyword.

Related Keywords

Here you can visualize related keywords with their SV, Sentiments, Similarity, Current CPC, and PPC competition.

Support 215 Countries

Keyword explorer gathers data from 215 countries, so anyone can monitor their keyword in any location they want.

Export Data

Now you can always have the data with you in your personal device, in CSV format as well as PDF too.

Metrics Filtration

With our Keyword Explorer tool, filter out your metrics using handy filters and make your workflow more efficient.

20+ Native Languages

Get a tool with 20+ languages support, and capture your target market, without any difficulty.

Diehard Keyword Explorer Tool

It explores the deep web to improve your keyword profile and SEO ranking.

Expand your keyword profile

Explore 6 Level Deep Keywords

Keyword Explorer is a great tool for those looking to explore all their options. It collects related keywords from the original search and then searches deeper into each keyword, leaving you with an interesting list of potential topics to dig in on!

Make Informed Decisions

Get a complete range of related keywords with different sets of metrics. These Keyword ideas will help you to make an informed decision for your keyword strategy.

Stay up to Date on Trends

With a detailed graphical view, you can track your keyword’s popularity for the last 12 month, to get a better picture of your keyword.

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