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Keyword tool minimizes your keyword research process to 2 clicks. Just enter your primary keyword and

get the best related and similar keywords that match the intent.


Through the keyword tool, you can get much more in-depth insights and not just the

ordinary search volume.

100K+ Location

You get unlimited locations with not just countries but states and cities as well to monitor your keyword in different regions.

Unlimited Languages

you will get unlimited languages so that you can easily access and understand the results in any language without any difficulty.

Keyword Trend

you will get a complete range of trending keywords and queries related to your input with different sets of metrics.

PRO Features

Track Position

Rank Tracker helps you track your ranking, so you can make sure it stays where it needs to be. You don’t have time to worry about this stuff – let us do it for you!


Rank Tracker helps you compare where your competitors lie on search engine result pages for a specific keyword. It gives you the information you need to stay ahead of their competition.


Rank Tracker helps you rank better by providing accurate metrics. It provides real-time data about how your site ranks in SERP. You can also track the performance of specific keywords with Rank Tracker.

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