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Find out for which keywords your competitors are paying to rank for & stay ahead of the competition.

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SEO Consultants

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100K+ Locations

You get 100K+ locations with not just countries but states and cities as well to monitor your keyword in any location.

PPC Ads​

Shows paid results which dominate the SERP, so you can track PPC campaigns competing on your targeted keywords.

Ad Discovery

Discover ads on your targeted keywords, Fetch PPC ads from 215 locations, country wise.

PPC & SEO Metrics

You will get complete PPC & SEO Metrics with search volume, CPC and PPC difficulty of the keywords.

Export Data

With the export data feature, you always have the data with you in your personal device, in CSV & PDF format.


Filter your data according to your desire and need of work, clear view with sorted keywords, helps you to head on top faster.

Save time and money with one of the most effective PPC tools.

You'll be able to see which ads are performing well, so you can focus on those keywords instead of guessing which keywords can work best.

Keep your head above the competition

Plan and set up a successful Ads campaign

You'll be able to see the best keywords for your ad campaigns and find out which ones are working better than others from other people in similar businesses.

Make informed Decisions

With the PPC keyword tool, you can make more informed decisions about your campaign's effectiveness and keyword potential.

Win the Race

With data that helps you get high demanding keywords with low PPC difficulty, and an eye on your competitor’s PPC journey, make decisions that help you win the race.

Amplify Your Existence On SERPs By Tracking Your Keywords And Win SERP Features With Brand Overflow.