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Get actionable, and insightful hints for your SEO campaign directly from the minds of your customers.

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Get complete SEO Metrics, including SV, PPC competition, CPC, similarity, and trends against buyer’s queries.

Support 215 Countries

Question Generator gathers data from 215 countries, so you can monitor your keyword in any location you want.

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Now you can always have the data with you in your personal device, in CSV format as well as PDF too.

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Using Question Generator, filter out your metrics using handy filters, and make your workflow more efficient.

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Get unlimited languages so that you can easily access and understand the results in any language.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Discover questions that can shape your future marketing strategy.

Stay on top of your customers' needs!

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Identify conversion-driving content ideas by identifying questions that produce the most visitors to your site.

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With a detailed graphical view, you can track your keyword’s popularity for the last 12 month.

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