Rank Tracker

Track, compare, & rank Better with real-time tracking of SERPs, with dynamic sharing & quality metrics.

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SEO Consultants

SEO Content Writers

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100K+ Locations

You get 100K+ locations with not just countries but states and cities as well to monitor your keyword in any location.

Featured Snippets​

Look for a ⭐ in the SERP Features area to see which keywords are appearing in the featured snippet on Google.

Local Pack Support

You get the top three locations which are derived from Google MyBusiness (GMB) for the given keyword, with a pin icon on it.

Export Data

With the export data feature, you can always have the data with you, in CSV format as well as PDF too.

Dynamic Sharing

With dynamic sharing, you can share rank tracking reports publicly with your clients or colleagues in a single-click.

Hyper-Local Search Volume​

Rank Tracker also supports Hyper-Local Search Volume for your keywords so you know the specific volume in any city/town.

Powerful URL matching

You can now add easy to use regex for the domains or urls in the target or competitor url areas by powerful URL matching.

SERP features

Check if your keyword is in SERP as: Featured snippets, GMB, Question, paid result, Ad, Youtube Video, or Tweet.

Automatic Daily Ranking Updates

It automatically updates the ranking in your project, representing it through change breakdown and biggest changes.

Instant SERP lookups

You can check the SERPs for the selected keyword. Check for yourself who is ranking on what keyword, all at one place.


Filter your data according to your desire and need of work, clear view with sorted keywords, helps you to head on top faster.

All languages supported

You get 20+ languages so that you can easily access and understand the results in any language without any difficulty.

Data you Deserve

With Metrics like Hyper-local Search Volume, Estimated Traffics, Change Breakdown, SERP Features, & many more, you get accurate keyword ranking data.

Get yourself another eye to Monitor

Track Position

Rank Tracker helps you track your ranking, so you can make sure it stays where it needs to be. You don’t have time to worry about this stuff – let us do it for you!

Compare Competitor

Rank Tracker helps you compare where your competitors lie on search engine result pages for a specific keyword. It gives you the information you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Better Ranking

Rank Tracker helps you rank better by providing accurate metrics. It provides real-time data about how your site ranks in SERP. You can also track the performance of specific keywords with Rank Tracker.


A cannibalized URL is a competing webpage that targets the same keywords as you. You can determine which of your own pages are being targeted to the same keyword by going through keyword metrics and looking for “Cannibalized URLs”.

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