Global Search Volume

It's an tool for your international marketing needs! It evaluate keywords for 215 countries.

Who is it for?




SEO Consultants

SEO Content Writers

Digital Marketers



In-house teams

Target Global keyword!

Global Keyword Insights

Get keyword metrics for 215 countries, including Keyword’s SV, PPC difficulty, CPC, and trends’ data.

Keyword Breakdown

Get global search volume, with actual data breakdown of SV, PPC, and CPC to take global marketing decisions.

Support 215 Countries

We gather data from 215 countries for you so you can monitor your keyword in any location you want.

Export Data

Now you can always have the data with you in your personal device, in CSV format as well as PDF too.

Metrics Filtration

Now you can filter out your metrics using handy filters, and make your workflow even more efficient.

20+ Native Languages

Get a SEO tool with 20+ languages support so that you can capture your target market, without any difficulty.

View Global SEO Metrics

Better understand your market potential in each country.

Perform Global keyword research!

Universal Keyword Analysis

Get keyword visibility metrics, including Keyword SV, PPC difficulty, CPC, and trends data to see which region has the most volume for your keyword.

Global Keyword breakdown

Now you can find the average, minimum and maximum values of global search volume, CPC, and PPC difficulty against your keyword.

Make Wise Decisions

With the graphical data representation, you can easily visualize monthly search volume history and Average search volume trend to make wise decisions by knowing the history of your keyword.

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