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Explore LSI keywords tool to get a list of semantically related keywords, suggested by Google itself.

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Get semantically related data!

Reveal Dominant Keyword

Get thousands of propositions for your seed keyword in the shape of LSI keywords that are easy to rank for.

Get Keyword’s Insights

Get keyword visibility metrics, including Search Volume, PPC difficulty, CPC, similarity, and trends data.

Support 215 Countries

With a LSI keyword tool, gather data from 215 countries and monitor your keyword in any location you want.

Export Data

Now you can always have the data with you in your personal device, in CSV format as well as PDF too.

Metrics Filtration

Now you can filter out your metrics using handy filters, and make your workflow more efficient.

20+ Native Languages

With this tool, get 20+ languages support so that you can easily capture your target market, without any difficulty.

Improve Your SEO strategy

Choose keywords, that helps google to identify the actual context of your keywords

Generate keywords that Google loves!

Get Accurate Analytics

With this tool, you'll have all the data you need in no time at all. You'll also get additional information like search volume, competition level, CPC estimates and more!

Get a Head Start

Boost your brand's visibility and reach potential customers you might not have otherwise found by getting your website ranking higher in SERPS.

Stay up to Date on Trends

With a detailed graphical view, you can track your keyword’s popularity for the last 12 month, to get a better picture of your keyword.

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